Lighting expertise at your fingertips

Hi There, Happy New Year, I hope 2018 is being kind thus far.

I know how quickly work piles up at this time of year and can quickly become overwhelming, that’s where I can help. I have 20 years lighting experience in technical, architectural, and decorative lighting. I have vast experience with dimming systems, Section J6 and other lighting standards that may be required on your project. I have worked on both small and larger scale projects across Australia and would love to help you with any lighting requirements you have on any of your projects.

Here at Special Lights we represent 12 European brands. Our ranges suit both indoor and outdoor applications with price points to suit any project. We carry a lot of stock in Australia and airfreight most of our brands for quick project turnarounds.

Feel free to send us any lighting requirements and we can offer you our expertise, product selection or some lighting advise free of obligation.

Remember great architecture that’s lit well helps accentuate the design intent!

I look forward to working with you.

Kathryn Thomson




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