Moby 1.0

The Moby 1.0 is part of the newest range by Luce and Light.

This recessed light fitting is used for illuminating areas submerged in water, whether it is a pool, spa or water feature. You can be sure this fitting will highlight everything you want and nothing you don’t with a seamless profile and option of either stainless steel or glass trim. The Moby 1.0 also offers RGBW, as well as a version providing colour hues in greens and blues. The IP 68 rated Moby 1.0 is a product you can be sure will give you longevity. This fitting is built for maximum resistance against external impacts with 12-16mm vitrified and serigraphed glass. It is resistant to common corrosive substances found in water and suitable for installation in salt water. You can rest easy delving into this range for all your water illumination requirements. Designed and made in Italy.


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