Many hands make great work

Since 1975 Italamp has built its brand awareness and reputation within the decorative lighting market, by standing out with high quality product and extraordinary shapes.

The company always aims for elegance with the use of fine materials and impeccable Italian craftsmanship. Tradition sets the base for the future, and the future is now! When we consider the philosophy of Italamp we can see how a stunning feature pendant like the Pulsa, reigns supreme. Made from individually handblown crystal flutes, the warped shape of each arm flares out at the bottom giving the feature a larger set scale, perfect for dining room, ballroom or hospitality settings. Offered in amethyst, dove and light gold with an option of LED or halogen globes, the Pulsa will absolutely light up your life. Made and designed in Italy. View Pulsa online here, or send us an enquiry for further information. 



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