Let There Be Light

The Moby P is the latest lighting family from L&L for under water applications. It is an ideal projector light for highlighting architectural and artistic features.

The Moby P body is made of techno-polymer and polypropylene and the trim is made in either vitrified serigraphed glass or electro-polished AISI 316L stainless steel. This fitting is IP68 rated and the Moby range is resistant to corrosive substances commonly found in water including chlorine (in swimming pools), sulphur (in spas), and some models are especially resistant to sodium chloride and other sea salts. The Moby P family offers a wide range of optics - 22, 34, and 62 degrees and also 31 x 64 degrees. Colour temperatures are 2700K, 3000K, 4000K as well as options for RGBW and shades of cyan. They all make the Moby P family highly versatile. Enjoy everything this fitting offers for your next project. Designed and made in Italy. To view more details click here.

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