To design a decorative product directly linked to tradition, designer Marco Zito took inspiration from tassels – objects with a timeless craftsmanship; precious, opulent, almost baroque.

When describing this process, Marco talks about how they started with the hyper-decorative form of a tassel which then needed to be broken down, reinterpreted and synthesised to eliminate every hint of a classical legacy and obtain elements with a contemporary design. From the conceptual stage, this series was always envisaged as being modular and configurational. What has resulted is 10 different elements differing in shape and decorative detail. The turned metal structure is enhanced with details in brushed brass and the traditional fabric fringes of the tassel are replaced by tiny gilded or painted metal rods.

As the project developed they designed an extra large version of the tassel resulting in 3 models which could be used to light large areas and fill voids. As well as studying shapes and sizes, they also wanted to play with luminosity, by using a polycarbonate disc diffuser they have been able to create a three-dimensional light effect whereby the tassels rods appear to float as they disappear into the web of light above. This gorgeous collection of lights is available in 4 distinct colour offerings; all matt white, mixed blue/greys, all black and mixed warm burgundy/greys. Available to order now, view some of the range here or send us an enquiry.

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