Combining Form

“The premise was to make an interior lamp in which you could have a lightened surface that doesn’t dazzle”.

In 1996, Gonzalo Milà and Juan Carlos Ines designed a lamp made of aluminium, but at that time the idea was just a prototype. When the moment to launch Penta finally arrived, a very important change was made to make it happen. Instead of running with the idea of a folded aluminium plate, they decided to use a stamped technique which has resulted in a refined, bold and faintly industrial looking shade.

Three finishes have been chosen for Penta: Brass, Aluminium and Copper and these finishes are used respectfully inside and out. The interiors are purposefully a polished brass or copper while the exteriors are treated to an oxidation process to create an antique finish. What makes this pendant truly unique is a built in, flexible touch-sensitive dimmer by use of the central lower rod protruding from the base of the shade. Available to order now and coming to the showroom this month. View more here or send us an enquiry.


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