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Fabbian are an Italian company situated among the Venetian hills in the Italian countryside. Here, the company embraces tradition and poetically transforms delicate, functional Italian craftsmanship into exceptionally crafted, high-quality luxury lighting.

Designed by Lorenzo Truant, The Armilla Pendant is inspired by the very first Renaissance depictions of the motions of stars and planets. At that time, it was customary for people to construct marvelous models called Armillary Spheres comprising of a framework of rings. To begin with they were centred on Earth, but as time went by and the theories of Copernicus entered the picture, it was replaced with the Sun, an infinite source of light and the new centre of the universe. Boasting an IP rating of 40 and a width of 36cm, the Armilla can create a clustered vignette or manage the limelight alone. Visit our showroom to see the Armilla on display or view more online here


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